The Controversy Surrounding Win Butler

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The Controversy Surrounding Win Butler

February, 13 2016 The Controversy Surrounding Win Butler
The Controversy Surrounding Win Butler

Kevin Hurt tried pretty hard to crush the Canada All-star team, but Canadians had pretty efficient moves and passing that made them top the matchup.

The lead singer for Arcade fire, Win Butler, gripped 15 points and grabbed 14 rebounds and earned himself the most prestigious MVP honors.

That’s not what has made him the talk of the town. What became controversial and a leading trend on social networking sites, especially twitter, when Win Butler during his interview on the court, started commenting about US elections and what US can learn from Canada.

This is what Butler said before he was cut off by the ESPN reporter and background music:

“The US has a lot they can learn from Canada, health care, taking care of people …” That’s what Butler said before music intervened and he was cut off by Steele.”

Steele responded, that it’s the celebrity stuff and politics should not be discussed.

Being unbiased and a neutral, its right. There is a fine line here that should be maintained and discussion of such topics when it’s not the platform should be avoided. Because such talks create rifts and spread negativity in the land.

These events promote friendship, peace and harmony and if politics or other controversial stuff is highlighted in any way, it become a controversy and a sensation in a second.

Twitter users are responding quite fast to it and are favoring Butler. One of the user tweeted that this is, stopping people from speaking the truth.

On the other hand, Sage Steele, should have responded not by cutting Butler off. That could be taken as not accepting the other person’s views, which can give an impression that you’re guilty, no matter what the perception in real is.

When taken this situation positively, Steele took this abrupt move to avoid any controversy, and is appreciated for playing it in a subtle manner. However from the MVP honors point of view, Win Butler should have been given a chance to complete his sentence and then the reporter could have expressed subtly that thank you for your comments but I think we should try to concentrate on the sports and it’s happening in order to promote friendship, peace and harmony between neighboring countries

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