Emerging NBA Player Isaiah Jamar Thomas Namesake Of Isiah Thomas

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Emerging NBA Player Isaiah Jamar Thomas Namesake Of Isiah Thomas

February, 23 2016 Emerging NBA Player Isaiah Jamar Thomas Namesake Of Isiah Thomas
Emerging NBA Player Isaiah Jamar Thomas Namesake Of Isiah Thomas

Emerging NBA Player

The NBA universe and its fans know Isiah Lord Thomas III AKA Isiah Thomas who played from 1981 to 1994 for Detroit Pistons as Point Guard. He is a legend who is part of the 50 greatest players in NBA history and also a part of the Naismith Memorial Basketball hall of fame. Fans of that his era know how brilliant he was and what impact he had on his team and team mates.

Fast forward 2016 and we have another awesome and wonderfully talented Point Guard who is the namesake of Isiah the hall of famer. He is emerging NBA player Isaiah Jamar Thomas who currently plays as a Point Guard for Boston Celtics.

Not a lot of people know that the funny story behind naming Isaiah Jamar Thomas. Basically it goes like this that his father was a diehard fan of LA Lakers and his friend was a huge Pistons fans and more important Isiah Thomas’s fan.

While watching the 1989 NBA finals of Lakers VS Pistons, Isaiah Father’s friend told him that if Lakers loses the match, he has to name his little son after Pistons all-time great Point Guard, Isiah Thomas. The father agreed and Lakers lost. However, her mother was adamant to give the name the biblical spelling and so came the name “Isaiah Jamar Thomas”.

Isaiah Thomas is a natural emerging talent and a great point guard for his team. He had an amazing stint in college and seeing his skills, he was picked by Sacremento kings in 2011. He played for Kings till 2014 and then moved to Pheonix Suns for a year before being traded to Celtics in February 2015 against Marcus Thornton.

His fate made him a first choice in 2016 first-round pick draft and so he became the part of Boston Celtics as a Point Guard wearing jersey number 04. In 2016 he was included in the NBA All-Star for the first time which he deserves seeing his consistent performance over the years.

Most importantly, the legend and Hall of famer Isiah Thomas is a mentor to Isaiah Jamar Thomas and they are very close to each other. As per Isaiah, He speaks to his mentor twice or thrice every week and looks up to him to become one of the greats of the game. Isiah reciprocates by sharing his experience with the young prospect and has high hopes that he will become one of the legends of NBA provided he stays focused and performs as per his abilities.

The Performance This Season

The guy has tremendous potential and the stats say it all. In 2015-12015 season, Isaish has a PPG of 21.6, APG of 6.8, RPG of 2.9 and PER of 21.46. These are amazing stats considering that he has only been playing professionally for past 4 years.

The Forte

Isaiah is a scoring machine and scores at an average of 58% as far as true shooting is concerned. His free throw ability is even high and stands at 86% which is amazing keeping in view that he is just 27 and only 04 years old professionally.

He is shorter than his counterparts and stands at 5’9”. But doesn’t stop him from being the best on the court and his agility and ability to control the ball and move fast, makes him a perfect Point Guard.

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