Against The Odd Will Kemba Walker Make It To NBA-All Star

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Against The Odd Will Kemba Walker Make It To NBA-All Star

March, 12 2016 Against The Odd Will Kemba Walker Make It To NBA-All Star
Against The Odd Will Kemba Walker Make It To NBA-All Star

Why Kemba Walker?

Have we chosen him because his stats are PTS: 21.4 REB: 4.5 AST: 5.2 and PIE: 14.0? If this is that simple we will not need human to analyze, computers are masters at it. The Answer is NO. We have chosen Kemba Walker because he has always proven against the Odds.

Against the Odds:

NBA is one of the world’s most developed sports league and to reach that level even pregnancy is planned to yield player of such and such attributes who can make it to NBA some day with extensive childhood training programs to diet routines to game strategy classes. You name it and you find things that people are doing to get to NBA some day.

What were the odds for a boy from underprivileged Bronx neighborhood with no proper courts and no training to make it to NBA? Kemba Walker Against the odds!

NBA Draft pundits earn millions of dollars in prospecting and predicting players and for them any one who is below 6 feet 6 inches is small player. They analyze each and every physical aspect of a player down to Hands Anatomy even trying to predict future.

What were the odds for a boy with a height of 5 feet 11 inches and with a known knee injury problem to be drafted in first round under 10 pick? Kemba Walker Against the odds!

Being a NBA Pro Basketball player is handling big players around 7 feet tall and wingspan of more than 8.5 feet. NBA league proudly call them arena of big players. Pundits keep on writing a lot about the difference between college basketball and Pro league and the success criteria for both levels.

What were the odds for a boy who has question mark raised by pundits at the time of draft regarding his ability to even play in NBA regular season with such a small body structure? Kemba Walker Against the odds!

This is enough to shake you guys out of your normal thinking pattern. Let’s analyze few things objectively and historically about Kemba Walker.


Kemba Walker what is he known for:

Speed driven by mental toughness

He is known for his speed on court he covers the court in no time for defensive to offensive lightning quickly. What drives him is not his physical strength but it’s the mental toughness taught by his junior school coach Nickerson who taught him to be tough and never let his size be a deterrent. He also taught him to leap over any hurdle that appeared before him.

Lessons from his junior school days to see obstacle as opportunity is the biggest strength Walker has and this has been the highlights for his career till now. Whenever he faces any obstacle he has an ability to strike hard at it and to leap over it.

This comes down to million dollar question we have whether he is going to make it to NBA-All Star. Are you guys thinking the same thing Another OBSTACLE for Kemba Walker?

Impact Player uplifting Team Game

Kemba Walker has started to prove as impact player.  One of the strength he has is team player with very unique friendly character that helps in uplifting team game. He is not a selfish player but he creates opportunity for players around him to score points.

In just 4 years career at NBA he is already ranked 4th highest number of Assists for Charlotte Hornets completing total of 1692 Assists.

His best performances are resulting in team wins as this is the first time in 10 years that Hornets are currently ranked 5th in eastern conference which can be compared to Glen Rice Era. NBA pundits are calling this the best opportunity for hornets to make pass playoff after a very long time.


Kemba Walker Comparable with All-Star Glen Rice:

It took 7 years for Glen Rice to become NBA-All Star but we are predicting Walker will make it to this level sooner than this as he is currently in his 5th year at NBA.

At College:

Glen Rice and Kemba Walker have many similarities in their college career. Summary of in-depth analysis is as follow for you guys to enjoy:

Glen Rice

Kemba Walker

NCAA Championship for Michigan

NCAA Championship for UCONN

NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player

NCAA Final Four Most Outstanding Player

All-American Team

All-American Team

Cover of Sports Illustrated.

Cover of Sports Illustrated.



Kemba Walker had a full throttle start to his NBA career in his rookie year as the Charlotte faced major problem when their point guard D. J. Augustin was injured. Walker was thrown in to swim in the deep sea with big whales around and that is what our guy like most: OBSTACLE and he leap over it with star performance of triple-double with 20 points, 11 assists, and 10 rebounds against Washington.

Similarly Legend Glen Rice was drafted by young Heat team facing serious problem ranked last in the last season. Heat desperately needed offensive help which was given by Rice. Although he was a first year rookie but started 60 games sharing a scoring load with average 13.6 points. This first season made him what he at the end became NBA-ALL Star.

I think this is enough for you guys to understand how legends rise. It’s their attitude towards challenge/obstacles/odds that made them rise from no-where to glory.  


Kemba Walker Road Map to NBA-All Star:

This is the last part of this article and most of it will continue in upcoming posts on Kemba walker Road Map to NBA-All Star analyzing each and every move he made and posting our views on them. Sharing with you guys when our prediction becomes correct and also sharing when it turned out to be wrong.

Today we will be highlighting some general baselines predictions:

  • Kemba Walker will play in NBA-All Star 2016-17 Season.
  • Kemba Walker will be in Top 10 2015-16 Regular Season PTS Leaders.
  • Kemba Walker will be in Top 15 2015-16 Regular Season AST Leaders.
  • Kemba Walker will be in Top 10 2015-16 Regular Season STL Leaders.
  • Kemba Walker will score more than 20 PTS per game in 2016 Playoffs.
  • Kemba Walker will break his own record high 52 points during this regular season.
  • Charlotte Hornets will win Home games and Round 1 of Playoffs.

This is not just it in upcoming posts on Kemba Walker will be sharing more details regarding his Road Map to NBA-All Star so stay tuned at Watchdog section updates.

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