Kemba Walker Against The Odd Continues

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Kemba Walker Against The Odd Continues

March, 13 2016 Kemba Walker Against The Odd Continues
Kemba Walker Against The Odd Continues

After writing first post on Kemba Walker as No.1 Pick for our Watchdog section just few days back we never expected to write another post this soon.

Against the Odd Continues:

Walker continues against the odd and made us to write another post on him even before we release our next Pick. Our guy is on high and his team is on all time high best performance in more than 10 years for Hornets.

You guys remember we state Walker most unique strength as Impact Player Uplifting Team Game. This is exactly what is happening with Charlotte Hornets this season. Walker’s energy is flowing across the whole team and big stars are clicking on the right time to make past history. Last game against Rockets we saw Marvin Williams scoring 25 points and Jeremy Lin after more than 10 games scoring 15 plus points. This is a very good sign for Hornets as big experienced player make a lot of difference in playoffs.

Not to forget, the all famous duo Walker and Batum are doing wonders together. In the last game against Rockets Batum came just short of another triple Double.

Enough of stats as you guys already know complete match details we want to come right to the point that is Kemba Walker. 

Guess what I am already thinking of changing our milestone from All-Star to Hall of Famer for walker as All-Star is looking like he is already there. What do you think guys? Post your comments and we love to read them.

Some more Milestones for Kemba Walker:

Walker has tied with Hornet legend Glen Rice in 3-pointers with total of 508 3-pointer in just 5 years. He is currently at 2nd position in Charlotte history for 3-pointers.

The Current Season is the best season for Walker with Career high 34 games over 20 points still more than 10 games to go in regular season.

What Changed Kemba Walker performance:

Considering the current buzz this is the million dollar question right now. Although I am not a million dollar person to answer it but guys bear with me.

In my opinion there are two factors behind this drastic rather dramatic change in Walker performance. First is to do with personal factor. As explained in our last post, Walker is build to overcome obstacles and this is what exactly happened. He was close contestant for NBA-All Star this year and many pundits were sure that he will make it to NBA-All Star but this doesn’t happened. The Current streak of super performance is an answer to this.

Second factor is to do with Team strategy and Hornets Coach Steve Clifford. He has revamped his team to extreme offensive line-up. This was fuel on the fire for Walker as he gets the support from the coach to go for all attack playing mode. Clifford took out the pick-and-rolls load and shifted it to Batum and Lin while Walker is positioned to strike hard from the weak link. This is making difficult for opponent team to completely block walker as this leads to opening from the other end.

Kemba Walker Road Map Forward:

I have just gone through few posts and some pundits are already considering Walker for MVP. But personally I think this is long short this year. But guys our guy has a real potential for upsetting the norms and odds.

However for now I will stick with predictions in our first post so stay tuned to read more.

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