Red Hot Hornets Future In Playoff Depends On 3 Big Games Ahead

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Red Hot Hornets Future In Playoff Depends On 3 Big Games Ahead

March, 17 2016 Red Hot Hornets Future In Playoff Depends On 3 Big Games Ahead
Red Hot Hornets Future In Playoff Depends On 3 Big Games Ahead

Charlotte Hornets is talk of the town in NBA these days. There is a huge buzz surrounding the team due to their recent performance winning 7 straight games which is best for the franchise itself.  This has created a lot of disturbance among guru and pundits regarding perditions for Playoffs 2016.

In last 2 months Hornets have beaten a lot of teams but the top ranking teams yet to be beaten. In my opinion this is very crucial point whether Hornets have ability to beat tough opponents like Raptors, Spurs and Cavaliers. This will really test their skills and mental toughness.

This post is basically a litmus test for Hornets on different fronts of the game and we will be focusing on one of the most important test during each game. Our analysis will be based on how Hornets will handle opponent’s strength and how they capitalize on their weakness.

Warning: This will be little tricky as for the sake of in-depth analysis there will be some technical Basketball terms that is used to keep it short and are used for analysis here.

Game Preview Charlotte Hornets vs San Antonio Spurs 22nd March 2016:

This is going to be a real test for Hornets. San Antonio Spurs at the moment best team in the league by big margin. Teams like Warriors are struggling to formalize strategy against them. Currently Spurs holds the best league record for wins in a regular season that is 56-10.

Their strengths are many but their weakness is yet to be figured out. They are No.1 team in defense and No.3 in Offense. Now question is how on the earth you are going to basket against them?

Hornets need to play completely out of their shoes to even make a mark against Spurs. Our analysis is if Hornets are able to close a game with less than 15 points difference, it will be a huge success for them. The only hope that we can think of is career best performances by fiery hot Kemba walker to beat the best team in a league.

Litmus Test: Game ends with less than 15 points difference between Hornets and Spurs will qualify Hornets as good enough team against strongest opponent.

Game Preview Charlotte Hornets vs Cleveland Cavaliers 4th April 2016:

Cleveland cavaliers are an offensive team which mainly relies on scoring through transition and Isolation. All-Star Lebron James plays a vital role as he can destroy any opponent single handedly on his day.

On the other hand Charlotte Hornets offense rely heavily on Spot Up and Off Screen and the majority of point scoring is coming from Kemba walker who has license to go all attack.

Charlotte Hornets is a good defensive team who are masters at Put-Backs. This is due to recent strategy change where they focus on counter attacking through excessive use of their Point/shooting Guards. They have a good 3-pointer record this season that resulted in recent consecutive success for them.

Cavaliers Offense is their core strength. Cavs primary weakness will be mental toughness and handling pressure. If Hornets are able to exert pressure on them hornets will have a good chance in winning the game.

Litmus Test: This will be how Hornets handle Offensive Cavaliers specially their core strength in Offensive transition and Isolation.

Game Preview Charlotte Hornets vs Toronto Raptors 6th April 2016:

This is going to be an interesting competition as Toronto Raptors is known to strategize against their biggest threats. Their Strategy is old school strategy to cover the threat which they did in their recent games while assigning roster against opponent Star player.

We can easily guess who they will be targeting in Hornets; it will be none other than our very own Kemba Walker. Raptors will come full prepared to neutralize his effect on the game.

On the other hand Hornets can capitalize on not very good defense raptors has their main strength in both offense and defense is Ball handler. If Hornets are able to devise a strategy to counter this they can make a good game out of this.

Litmus Test: How they capitalize on the weak Raptor defense compared to other top ranking team in a league. This will show us whether Hornets has ability to take advantage from other team’s weakness.

Hornets Vs Cavaliers
Hornets Vs Cavaliers
Hornets Vs Raptors
Hornets Vs Raptors
Hornets Vs Spurs
Hornets Vs Spurs
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